London Design Festival: Jugs, Jars and Pitchers by Jasper Morrison 28.09.09

words Anna Bates

Hidden behind an inconspicuous black door on Kingsland Road, London’s quietest star designer is giving over half of his recently opened shop to a humble display of jugs, jars and pitchers.

“This shelf has a carafe theme, this one is for bigger things, this is the smaller items shelf,” says Morrison, taking pleasure in answering our query into his process with the most straightforward explanation he could find.

Morrison and his team of trained, roaming eyes hunted for containers for four months to build up the collection, which mixes pieces from known designers including Morrison, glass artists, and anonymous objects from junk shops and flea markets in Japan and Europe.

There are no names, locations or stories on show – all that’s left to do is enjoy the forms, so sinuous and quiet that details like the slightly defined point of a pourer become loud.

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