The Nature Factory by Makoto Tanijiri 07.09.09

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words Johanna Agerman

Prolific architect Makoto Tanijiri, founder of Hiroshima-based architecture practice Suppose, has created The Nature Factory, an installation for the Diesel Denim Gallery in Tokyo. It uses mundane white plastic plumbing pipes for its basic parts, but the outcome is anything but ordinary.

The pipes are anchored at three points of the Tokyo shop-cum-gallery to resemble tree trunks, and then sprout in all directions, imitating the branches of a tree. It's all a bit of a jumble but looks very impressive and we don't envy whoever had to install it.

The Nature Factory is in store until January 2010. Pick up the October issue of icon to see another of Tanijiri's projects - the House in Moriyama.

all images Toshiyuki Yano Nacasa &Partners

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