Termite Pavilion at Pestival 04.09.09

words William Wiles

This pavilion, based on a scan of a Namibian termite mound, has been erected on London's South Bank for Pestival, a weekend of events celebrating insects. The six cubic metre structure is built up of 51 layers of CNC-cut laminated spruce. It's acollaboration between Softroom Architects, Freeform Engineering, Atelier One, Haberdashery London and wildlife recordist Chris Watson.

The scan of the termite mound was made by pouring gypsum into the structure, letting it set, and then slicing up and measuring the resulting cast.

Pestival explores "insect-human interactivity" through contemporary art, architecture, comedy, film, music and technology with events at various locations on the South Bank and elsewhere in London. It opens today and ends on Monday 6 September.


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