225 Forest by Michael Neumann Architecture 02.09.09

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The 225 Forest store is like a pastiche of a skate store. You enter through an open garage door via a ramp to a paradise of roughed up surfaces, reclaimed furniture and wooden crates. It is a carefully orchestrated retail experience that is part shop, part community centre for the area's skating and surfing youths.

The store is located in an old light industry warehouse and all the original features such as strip lighting reflectors have been salvaged for the new space. It is dominated by a platform of stacked plywood that is dotted with product displays and seating created from piles of moving blankets, wrapped together with thick straps. The back wall is made of green, orange and yellow hosepipe, woven around a timber frame.

The only alteration to the structure of the building is a new light shaft which brings the store its only natural daylight. The space below it is used for displaying artworks by the store's artists in residence.

225 Forest's patrons are encouraged to tag the plywood boards attached to sliding rails on the warehouse's exterior walls. When they are full boards will be moved inside to become part of the interior.

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