The Lie Detector Test: Daniel Eatock

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words Justin McGuirk

JM What's your name?
DE Daniel Eatock. > Truth

JM What do you do?
DE I'm an aeroplane pilot > Inaccuracy

JM What's your age?
DE 33. > Truth

JM Do you watch Big Brother?
DE Occasionally. > Truth

JM Did you enjoy it?
DE No. > False statement

JM How much did Channel 4 pay you to design the Big Brother logo?
DE £1 million. > False statement

JM Do you ever get tired of seeing that logo?
DE No. > Truth

JM Have you ever stolen a book?
DE Yes. > Truth

JM What was it?
DE I can't remember the title. It's to do with corporate identity and the implementation of systems. It was an unreturned library book, so I could still return it. > Truth/High stress

JM Who's the most overrated graphic designer?
DE I don't know, it's not something I think about. > High stress

JM Do you think anyone has ever stolen your ideas?
DE Yes. > Truth/Excitement

JM Who was it?
DE I don't know. > Inaccuracy

JM Have you ever borrowed or stolen someone's ideas without acknowledgement?
DE There's different degrees. I guess I have used things that are part of the public domain where it is difficult to find an author or original maker, so yes. > Truth/High stress

JM What about borrowing a student's idea?
DE Within cooperation or with credit. Yes, but not to steal without crediting a person. 
> Inaccuracy

JM Are you jealous of any designers?
DE There are designers that I respect that I feel make really good work I wish I had made but I don't feel jealousy is the right word. > Truth/False statement

JM What do you think of Shepard Fairey Obama poster?
DE I haven't bought one. It's something I wouldn't put on my wall because of the way it looks but the content I feel connected to. > Truth

JM Do you think of yourself as an artist or a designer?
DE An artist. > High stress

JM Can you draw?
DE No. > Truth

JM You collect all your hair; are you obsessive compulsive?
DE No. > Subject not sure

JM You gave your first white hair to your Mum. Did she appreciate it?
DE Yes. > Truth

JM How often do you lie?
DE Once a day. > High stress

JM Have you ever had to lie to get the job done?
DE I've had to exaggerate the truth. > Subject not sure

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