Cut Architectures’ Montpellier iceberg 09.07.09

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words William Wiles

An iceberg has washed up in a courtyard in the south of France at the height of summer. It's a pavilion, the smallest we've seen this year, designed by Cut Architectures for the Festival of Lively Architecture in Montpellier.

The iceberg has a fabric skin stretched over an inner frame of welded black polypropylene. The pale skin bounces the light in the manner of fresh snow, and the courtyard is filled with the sounds of a polar storm. The faceted shape of the iceberg and the play of light on its surface invite passers-by to walk around it, says the practice, which consists of two young Parisians, Benjamin Clarens and Yann Martin. If people want to shelter from the storm, they can climb into the structure's cocoon-like interior.

The festival, now in its fourth year, highlights Montpellier's hidden spaces and the work of up-and-coming architects.

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