Maison du Champagne in Hong Kong 08.07.09

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words Johanna Agerman

Perforated sheets of raw MDF make up the interior of Maison du Champagne, situated in the bustling Wanchai in Hong Kong. It's designed by Hong-Kong based designers John Lin, Joshua Bolchover and Jason Carlow, who have used the MDF to build a landscape of furniture and platforms that demark the bar's different area through colour coding.

Each box of MDF is painted in high gloss paint on the inside and each box contains thin strips of fluorescent lights that match the paint colour.

The round perforations in the MDF are of varying size, from very small punctuations at floor level to face-big holes further up, breaking up the uniformity of the design.

The pictures show the space without any furniture, but the zones are divided in the following way: red for seating; green for lounge; blue for the stage; yellow for dining; light blue for the lounge; and white for the bar.

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