AA Summer Pavilion Opens 06.07.09

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words Johanna Agerman

For the fourth year running the AA is installing a temporary pavilion in Bedford Square in London. This year's concept was designed by third-year student Danecia Sibingo, who drew inspiration from the movements of the sea. Students from the second year helped develop the concept.

The triangular pavilion is built from sustainable spruce plywood and is called Driftwood. It is constructed from slices of plywood assembled vertically on a wooden frame, creating an undulating surface. Seen from above it resembles Alvar Aalto's famous wavy vase for Iittala.

Sibingo sees the pavilion as a "sculptural installation that defies classification" meaning it is not a very pavilion-like structure. It doesn't have a roof, or an obvious entrance. Instead you access the centre of the structure where one of its swirly sides is lifted off the ground.

The pavilion will be open to the public until 25 July.

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