Farewell chapel by Ofis 25.06.09

Ljubljana-based architect Ofis has recently completed the Farewell chapel in Krasnja, Slovenia. It looks a bit like a bunker and has a roof covered in turf.

The Farewell chapel is dug into a hillside between a graveyard and a grove of trees. Its curved walls are built from reinforced concrete, while the ceremony space is panelled in lark wood, creating a warmer and more intimate atmosphere here. The front of the chapel is a wall of glass, flooding the chapel in light.

The interior of the chapel is divided between the ceremony space and utility space that is laid-out behind the curved back wall of the ceremony space. There are no religious symbols apart from a crucifix-shaped roof light which projects a cross onto the walls and floor of the chapel. At night the same window projects light from the chapel up into the sky.

To make room for more guests there is a platform outside the chapel, which can also be used for outdoors ceremonies in the summer months.

A sweeping walkway to the left of the chapel takes you to the turfed roof and views over the Krasnja valley.

pictures Tomaz Gregoric

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