Kindergarten by Kadawittfeldarchitektur in Austria 22.06.09

words Johanna Agerman

The effect of the oversized grass blade facade is Alice in Wonderland meets Sauerbruch Hutton's Brandhorst Museum. It's playful without spinning out of control.

The stylised grass curtain wraps around the upper floor of the two-storey building while the ground floor opens up to the garden with an uninterrupted glass wall to the south.

But apart from the exterior decoration the building is a simple flat-roof cubic construction in reinforced concrete. The ground floor is used as a kindergarten for the older children, who have access to the garden, while the creche is located on the first floor.

The colour scheme of the outside has been carried through to the interior. Appropriately for grass, it is mostly green. "As the kindergarten is the first station of education, we have chosen green as the colour of life, youth, and spring," says the practice. Green is also calming, a handy quality in a kindergarten.

The building's focal point is the wide staircase that connects the ground floor to the first floor. This is a multifunctional space that is used as an auditorium for film screenings and special events and as a place for the children to play on rainy days.

pictures Angelo Kaunat

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