Cairo restaurant by PSLab 17.06.09

words Anna Bates

Beirut based lighting design studio PSLab has completed another project from its "organic steel factory", this time for a restaurant in Cairo, Egypt.

We spoke with practice co-founder Dimitri Saddi in icon 072, and he told us about the need to "keep the seduction of the local, and its artisans, but use globalisation as an advantage".

Like the studio's other projects, the lighting in Tamarai Restaurant has an industrial aesthetic, but every piece shows signs of the hand. Horseshoe-shaped fixtures are supported by a grid of metal beams attached to the ceiling. Painted matt black on the outside, the fixtures allow a slit of light out through a cut in the base of the sphere - but the bronze inner layer adds warmth to this light, creating an expensive-looking glow.

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