Happy Birthday Bauhaus by Osko+Deichmann 09.06.09

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words Johanna Agerman

On the monumental DDR remnant Karl Marx Allee lies the small gallery Contributed, Studio for the Arts. Here, Osko+Deichmann presented Straw, a chair made from kinked tubular steel, during Berlin's DMY design festival.

The Straw chair is built by hand in Osko+Deichmann's Berlin studio. The steel is kinked into the shape of a chair and then nickel-coated before a leather seat and back are added. "We were playing around with different processes of how to bend the steel," says Blasius Osko. "To kink it seemed so simple and yet so effective."

Apart from the finished Straw chair, the exhibition shows the whole process from the first prototype in cardboard to the finished product. As the images reveal the cantilever version wasn't the starting point. "From the beginning all we knew was that we wanted to try an new manufacturing process for tubular steel," says Osko. All stages of the chair hang in a line showing the evolution of the project.

The exhibition is Osko+Deichmann's first venture into limited-edition design, but it is an area they would like to explore further. "We're going to Basel for Design Miami to meet with a few galleries," confirms Oliver Deichmann.

For a full round-up of DMY and to read icon's profiles of Berlin designers, look out for issue 074, out in July.

Happy Birthday Bauhaus is at Contributed, Strausberger Platz 16, until 26 June

top picture Thorsten Klapsch

image The evolution of the Straw chair
picture Thorsten Klapsch

image The vice that Osko+Deichmann used to kink the steel.
picture Thorsten Klapsch

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