Heatherwick Studio’s creative units in Aberystwyth 26.05.09

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words Johanna Agerman

"We have been acting like architectural tailors - building simple forms with an extraordinary skin," says Thomas Heatherwick of the eight shimmering buildings that are fanlike in shape. Each is divided into two units, creating 16 studios in total.

The mid-section of each building is pulled apart by a glass insertion that floods the studios with natural daylight and also houses a shared entrance.

Heatherwick studio's specialist team worked on site to realise the project's main feature: the exterior steel cladding. In order to make the façade long-lasting and cost efficient it uses a very thin variety of stainless steel that was run through a mangle-like contraption giving the steel its irregular, crinkled surface.

The sixteen units are already occupied by artists and creative businesses and
Heatherwick Studio is currently working with the Art Centre on extending the studios and building a larger temporary building close by next year.

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