The Collect craft fair shows at the Saatchi Gallery 21.05.09

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words Anna Bates

The Craft Council's Collect art fair opened its doors last Friday in the new Saatchi Gallery near Sloane Square. Judging by the queue running along the length of the building on the opening day, the three-day event for contemporary objects (which for the past four years took place at the Victoria and Albert museum) certainly wasn't short of visitors.

Among our favourite objects was Mizuko Yamada's hand-raised silver-coated Bump Vessels, which have bulbous forms emerging from their sides, and Finnish jewellery designer Janna Syvanoja's necklaces made out of pages from a telephone directory. Syvanoja's piece isn't really done justice in the accompanying images, but she managed to make the cheapest of papers look valuable and expensive.

There were a few artisans working with digital technology such as Gareth Neal, who presented his already widely published CNC-routed and hand finished furniture to much attention, and Michael Eden caused one visitor to gasp with his rapid-prototyped Oval Wedgwoodn't Tureens. But despite the huge potential this new strain of digital craft has to offer, the work at this fair was still very much about the hand.

top image Michael Eden’s Oval Wedgwoodn’t Tureens

image Gareth Neal’s George chest of drawers, Contemporary Applied Arts
picture American Oak, 200cm x 50cm x 60cm, Copyright: The artist

image Janna Syvanoja’s necklace for Alternatives gallery

image Mizuko Yamada’s hand raised silver Bump Vessels at Flow Gallery

image Michael Geertsen’s Yellow Object at Køppe Gallery
picture Søren Nielsen

image Dorothy Hogg’s Brooch in the Artery Series at The Scottish Gallery

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