Bermondsey Square Bike Store by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects 11.05.09

words William Wiles

Sarah Wigglesworth Architects has completed this bike store for a luxury development in Bermondsey, south-east London, which opened on Thursday last week.

The store consists of 13 douglas fir portal frame arches clad on the inside with translucent glass-reinforced plastic. The outer cladding is a decorative screen of stainless-steel triangles.

This geometric outer layer connects the store with the rest of Bermondsey Square, a luxury residential, hotel, cinema and retail complex designed by Munkenbeck and Marshall. The square at the centre of the development is home to the Bermondsey antiques market, and the facilities within the square are conceived as jewels laid out on a carpet. The patterned cladding matches the triangular facets of the gem-like bollards that are scattered nearby.

The store has room for 76 cycles, secured by Josta bike stands.

image © Mark Hadden

image © Mark Hadden

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