Jaime Hayon's giant chess game for Trafalgar Square 07.05.09

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At the press briefing for the London Design Festival this morning the most exciting announcement was Jaime Hayon's giant chess set, which is to be installed in Trafalgar Square during the festival in September.

The man-sized pieces will be handmade out of ceramic in Hayon's idiosyncratic style and set on rollers so that they can be manouevred around the board by two “movers”. The players, meanwhile, who can register to play online, will overlook the board from raised thrones.

The London-based Spanish designer says the idea was inspired by strategy maps for the Battle of Trafalgar, when Lord Nelson defeated Napoleon's fleet (not to mention his Spanish allies) in 1805.

There are still some decisions to be made as to how to protect the precious pieces overnight, along with some speculation that they may be left out – and guarded – for nocturnal games.

This year’s festival runs from 19 to 27 September.

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