Milan: SUM shelves by Peter Marigold for SCP 30.04.09

Written by 

words Johanna Agerman

Peter Marigold’s asymmetrical, hand crafted shelving units have been selected for the assembly line of British furniture manufacturer SCP. The Split Boxes came out of the idea that splitting a branch any four ways would still create a 360º whole - an idea that has now been adapted for mass production. Now called SUM, the set includes three cherrywood units – one small, one medium and one large.

“So far I’ve been making them to order so each one is totally unique. It will be interesting to see how they fare as an industrial product,” says Marigold who is currently working on the instruction leaflet that comes with each set of shelves.

“The interesting thing is to keep an essence of the handmade,” adds Marigold. For someone known to closely follow the process of a product from idea to installation, it must be daunting to give up making them himself. He asks potential buyers to remember: “It’s a very playful piece, you just put them up and see how it looks.”

top image Peter Marigold’s Split Boxes for SCP come as a
set of three

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