Terunobu Fujimori: architectural detective 12.03.09

The world around us is filled with clues and evidence. For icon issue 070 we asked two cataloguers of the curious to open their files. In the magazine, British artist Richard Wentworth investigates a rogue orange tree, and here Japan’s self-styled "architectural detective" Terunobu Fujimori contributes three observations from his records to iconeye.

top image "A store eaten by ivy", Warabi city, Saitama, Japan. Ivy invaded the small store and occupied it. Nobody knows how it happened and what is living inside

image Seaside small office floating on the waters. Well-balanced at high-tide, but tables in the houses stumble at low-tide

image "Razor building", Tokyo. A small clinic built on a site of triangular shape. A fence surrounds the top of the building so it can be used as a terrace

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