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In the "if you can't beat ‘em, join ‘em" spirit, we're giving in to surveillance society and doing some snooping of our own in a special detective issue. In icon 070, which is out now, we interrogate five members of the design world - by wiring them up to a lie detector. Were they telling the truth? In a separate investigation, we follow the trail of Martin Margiela to sniff out the identity of the world's most elusive fashion designer. And we find out about the facial recognition software being used in surveillance systems in China, because it'll be over here before you know it. And for that noirish touch, there's eerie photography of London's strip clubs. Finally, in Berlin, we explore layers of history and politics in David Chipperfield's masterful reworking of the Neues Museum.

Up front, Tintin is our icon of the month, while Industrial Facility write about the difference between Israeli and Palestinian falafel scoops. Plus, we have round-ups of the furniture fairs in Cologne, Stockholm and Paris. In Review, we analyse Sherlock Holmes' neighbourhood and take in retrospectives of Hussein Chalayan and two Russian constructivists.

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