Cloud by the Bouroullec brothers 19.01.09

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words Johanna Agerman

This fluffy, playful form is a new architectural fabric tile that the Bouroullec brothers have developed for Danish textile company Kvadrat. Not surprisingly it's called Cloud.

As the name suggests it's an irregular structure that can be attached to ceilings as a space partition, or hung on the wall. "It answers a certain need for disturbing the architecture," explains Erwan Bouroullec of the new project.

Inspired by their previous product for Kvadrat, the Northtile, Cloud is a lighter and less rigid fabric tile for home use. "It's a device that can bring fabric into the house because we believe fabric is a really nice proposition to soften the space, to give it more warm feelings," says Bouroullec.

Each tile is the same irregular shape and when they are linked together they bulge and make waves in an unpredictable way. The tiles are linked by rubber bands and the structure can be assembled and expanded by the user, which Bouroullec claims is easy to do: "It's a really easy task that needs a little bit of time, but you don't need to book a vacation."

top image The Bouroullecs installing Cloud

images Paul Tahon and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

image The individual fabric tiles are joined with rubber bands

image Cloud fabric tiles comes in two different fabrics and in a wide array of colours

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