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icon 067 / January 2008

January's cover star is Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena, creator of a system that could offer well-designed housing to the world's poorest billions. Inside, he describes how architects made themselves irrelevant but have the potential to become engines of dramatic change. Another architect betting on political change is Bernard Tschumi, who has completed a grand Athens museum ready to receive the Elgin Marbles - if they are ever liberated from the British Museum.

Elsewhere, we profile flamboyant publishing magnate Benedikt Taschen, the man who made architecture publishing popular. And we interrogate the Polish design scene, asking why the furniture manufacturing giant has consistently failed to nurture its native design talent.

At the front, there's an origami chapel, a house built around trees, the world's greenest office block and new work from Jean Nouvel, Sebastian Bergne, Querkraft, Matali Crasset and Yves Behar. And in review, we go shopping at Westfield, wander in the cavernous spaces of Moscow's answer to Tate Modern and spend a day in the park with Vivienne Westwood, Yoko Ono, Gilbert & George and Eric Hobsbawm.



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