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“Bavaria Bench

words Anna Bates

Studio Job has presented another set of furniture inspired by farms and country life in Miami this year. But the Dutch duo wasn’t present to unveil the curtain – they were wading through mud on a rambling holiday in Europe instead, to get away from it all.

From the woods, Job Smeets told us he and partner Nynke Tynagel designed Bavaria – a collection of five pieces for Moss gallery – “because we wanted to feel happy. Bavaria is about Utopia.”

Possibly the studio’s most charming collection to date, the Bench, Cupboard, Screen, Table and Triptych Mirror combine sophisticated marquetry with hum-di-dum twee: modern laser-cutting techniques are used to create illustrations inspired by 17th century Bavarian painting. Pigs, chickens, cows, sheep, birds, wheat shafts, sunflowers, vegetables, fruit trees, and machinery motifs are included in the perfectly symmetrical patterns.

But it isn’t all innocent – the cartoonish illustrations and bright colours “are closer to the genetically engineered faux-naivety of McDonald’s than the ruddy innocence of Old MacDonald and his farm,” the duo explain in their project description, before the fresh air made them go soft.

Made of Indian Rosewood (with inlays made of a variety of wood types) Studio Job saw the forms as a “canvas”, dictating the wide surfaces of the designs. “But you can find traces referring to elements in a barn,” says Smeets. “The mirror could be a window, with shutters.”

top image Bench

Bavaria Mirror closedMirror

Bavaria Mirror open Mirror

Bavaria cabinet sideCabinet

Bavaria cabinet openCabinet

Bavaria screenScreen

Bavaria tableTable

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