Cru by Sebastian Bergne 02.12.08

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“Corked” series

words Johanna Agerman

“Cru” is English designer Sebastian Bergne’s new exhibition at the Aram Gallery. It aims to add a new dimension to the enjoyment of fine wines.

“I have been collecting wine corks for some time now,” says Bergne, who recently moved back to the UK from Bologna, Italy. In his “Corked” series, the corks work as the stems of glasses and as the stopper for a combined decanter and funnel. The linked decanter and funnel is a slightly risky object, and makes the pouring of wine a true art form that requires utmost concentration and attention. “The ritual of decanting wine becomes slightly different, there’s a tension that you get from wondering if the wine will leak,” says Bergne.

The smallest piece in the exhibition is Geo Cork – a kind of drawing pin that lets you build your own sculpture from used wine corks – and the biggest one is Marcel, a 200kg wine rack in limestone. It is supposed to fill space, explains Bergne, to take a central position instead of being tucked away in a corner.
All the pieces are currently made to order but Bergne isn’t ruling out the idea of putting some into production. “The jury is still out on that,” he says.

All of the pieces in the exhibition were created to make you consider the act of drinking more carefully, instilling a sense of occasion and enhancing the interaction with the wine. Bergne is not moralising about over-consumption but simply suggesting that the moment of drinking should be savoured.

Cru is on at the Aram Gallery until 10 January. Bergne is planning to set up a wine cork collection point, so bring any spares.

top image “Corked” series

“Marcel” wine rack “Marcel” wine rack

“Geocork” cork scuplture “Geocork” cork scuplture

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