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Onedotzero: Troika 14.11.08

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Onedotzero commissioned Trioka to create an entire "multi-sensory identity" for the Adventures in Motion festival, consisting of printed material, a digital trailer and an installation. Listen to Troika talk about their work and the digital zoetrope.

Eva Rucki and Sebastien Noel from Troika explain the themes that inspired their work, for example the idea that people exist in the same urban space but in completely different contexts. Their work has a strong typographical aspect, derived from breaking down the original Onedotzero logo. They expanded on this to communicate the brand and festival theme, but also used it as a way of story-telling for their final installation.

They also took inspiration from the traditional technology of a Victorian zoetrope – a cylinder containing slits with a band of images on the inside; when you spin the cylinder the images blur together to give the illusion of a moving image. Troika have created a digital version of this, a cylindrical tower with an internal light; as the cylinder rotates and the light strobes, stories of people’s lives in different cities are alternately displayed.

The installation will be at the BFI Southbank from 14 – 16 November.



Click here to download the festival programme

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