Onedotzero: Jason Bruges Studio 14.11.08

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As part of the Adventures in Motion festival, Onedotzero collaborated with Jason Bruges Studio to hold experimental workshops at P3 to explore the theme of "citystates", culminating in an installation at the BFI Southbank. Listen to Jason Bruges talk about the experimental installation developed at P3 and the progression of the project from his previous work with Onedotzero on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

The student workshops at P3, Westminster University in London, focused on developing Jason Bruges Studio’s work based around the ephemeral city, energy use, urban spaces and how people occupy them. Using LED-lit microturbines mounted on a frame, the experimental work has informed the final wind-to-light installation. Wind allows the microturbines to produce energy to output light, resulting in 3D canvas that visually represents the movement of the air.

The installation will be at the BFI Southbank from 14 – 16 November.

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