PSLab 14.10.08

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words Beatrice Galilee

Classic car headlights, including lamps from a 30-year-old Skoda, are fixed onto a white wall and linked by a network of bright red cables. This project, by Beirut-based lighting collective PSLab, is somewhere between an art installation and a collection of vintage car parts.

PSlab was invited by London’s DOS Architects to design a light project for its new office space in east London. The architects had moved into an old clothes factory with a very large wall next to a dim double-height stairwell. They wanted to cast light into the office and over a large artwork on the opposite wall.

“We wanted to create something in the same mood and spirit as the building,” says PSlab spokesperson Barbara Cenni. “It happened to be by chance that there is a little shop selling vintage car parts around the corner from the office. One of our designers passed by and thought it would be great if you could exploit that.”

The headlights, of varying sizes, shapes and origin, have all been lovingly restored and equipped with incandescent lights. The team even designed specific u-shaped brackets to hold up the cables, which link to create a graphic diagram on the brick wall. “We could have used a modern lamp designed to look like this, but they got the real thing,” says Cenni. “A vintage solution.”

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