Le Romandie 07.10.08

words Anna Bates

Design trio Big-Game has designed the venue for a rock club in Switzerland called Le Romandie, said by the designers to be the “most authentic venue for rock and electro concerts in French-speaking Switzerland”.

The Belgian-Swiss trio, all fans of the club, wanted to design a venue that would survive “intensive use by drunken fans and bands,” so they used asphalt flooring and galvanised steel as raw materials, and installed toilets more commonly used in prisons.

The new venue is situated in arches under a 19th-century stone bridge, which were previously filled with earth. The designers kept the arches exposed on the inside to “play on the relationship between indoor and outdoor space,” says Big-Game member Augustin Scott de Martinville. The studio used neon signage to provide the lighting, and there are road markings on the floor to direct partygoers and create a feeling of the outdoors inside.

The job of redesigning the club was won by Big-Game in a competition organised by Swiss design college ECAL.

images Mylo Keller

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