London Design Festival: King Bonk by Fredrikson Stallard 17.09.08

words Johanna Agerman

The shape of Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard’s new project, the King Bonk chair, is derived from tying up upholstery foam and hacking away at it with a chain saw. The finished piece is executed in fibreglass and lacquered in four metallic shades – black-green, black-blue, black-gold and black-violet – created by luxury car manufacturer Bentley.

“We saw this black car going around the corner one day and were seduced by how it all of a sudden changed colour to purple,” says Ian Stallard, speaking at the launch at David Gill galleries in Vauxhall today. “The best thing is that this piece has never been close to a computer,” he adds. There is indeed something random about the shape that lends it a natural feel despite the glossy exterior. “We might do one in black marble next time,” says Patrik Fredrikson.

King Bonk will be shown at David Gill galleries in Vauxhall until 19 October.


images King Bonk, Fredrisksson Stallard

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