Sausage-bird 20.08.08

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words Anna Bates

Sausage-bird is an installation by Dutch “eating designer” Marije Vogelzang (icon 059). Wrapped in knitted wool, the installation looks at first glance like something to cuddle. But start to unravel the wool and free-range pork and beef sausage meat is revealed for the viewer to nibble away at. The 200kg bird came about through Vogelzang’s interest in our “chicken nugget” culture: “The meat that we find in supermarkets doesn’t look like a real animal,” Vogelzang says, explaining why she disguised the meat as a cartoon-like character. The installation is part of the designer’s first solo exhibition, Fuel, at arts showroom Mama in Rotterdam. Also on the menu are cookies baked on her Photosynthesis-tree, some Dutch tap-water to taste, and a chocolate slab for visitors to hammer away at.

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