The Lift pavilion 17.07.08

words Johanna Agerman

“Part performance space, part village hall, part speakers’ corner,” says Geoff Shearcroft of AOC of architects about the Lift pavilion. Now you can watch the video of its assembly for the London Festival of Architecture on iconeye.

Inspired by Cedric Price’s never realised “fun palace”, Ottoman tents and home-made quilts, the structure is a trapezoid-shaped theatre covered in a magnified quilt pattern. It was originally commissioned by London International Festival of Theatre, who asked for a demountable building that could be put up in two days and under a tight budget. So far the Lift pavilion has been touring Stratford and the Southbank as part of London Festival of Architecture, and its next stop is Shoreditch Park Festival in August.

For more coverage of London Festival of Architecture highlights, read icon 063, out in August.

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