Lagombra 11.07.08

words Anna Bates

A rollercoaster for bikes has been erected outside an art centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, to tie in with design space Designhuis’ Bicycle exhibition.

The work of Stockholm-based artist Anders Jakobsen (also known as Lagombra), the rollercoaster was made using a chain saw and scaffolding. Peaking at more than 2m, it boasts steep drops and logic-defying bends. Open to brave amateur cyclists, it looks like a good way to road-test cycle helmets.

“So far, only one guy can do it,” says director of MU art centre Angelique Spaninks, who commissioned Lagombra. While others might be able to ride out the steep bends, it’s a seemingly unthreatening flat stretch, composed of pieces of wood layered like fallen dominoes, that throws most bikes off track.

Running until the 5 October, the exhibition at Designhuis will present a retrospective of different types of bicycle, as well as showing future visions of the vehicle. And to make full use of the themed event, a side-exhibition will present objects inspired by bikes, including a necklace made of tyres.

The exhibition will coincide with the European championship for bike messengers, which will be held in the city in July.

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