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Platform 10 at The Andaz 29.05.08

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Olivia-Flore Decaris lampshade

words Anna Bates

The stairs, bedrooms, restaurant and lobby areas of boutique hotel The Andaz were host to a series of installations by the Royal College of Art’s Platform 10 design students earlier this month.

Called Private View, the site-specific exhibition was a reaction to the recent redesign and restructuring of the hotel (previously the Great Eastern), on London’s Liverpool Street.

“The hotel has changed to become a more personal experience,” says design products tutor Daniel Charny. “There’s no reception, no concierge – no facade of service. The students’ work reacted to this. Much of their work dealt with the private.”

Among the pieces were Olivia-Flore Decaris’ series of lampshades, which hung from the ceiling and turned into cocoon-like structures, allowing you to hide away inside them.

Alon Meron designed a living room on wheels; all the components of a living space such as a TV, a bed and a sofa, could be rearranged, giving guests the power to create their own space – a privilege not usually permitted in hotel rooms.

Maciek Wojcicki’s Stair Tamers turned staircases into armchairs and seating, while Gregor Timlin created a private cinema screening a film he made himself about the loneliness of living in cities – to watch it you have to stick your head in a box.

The exhibition is the third that design products students from the RCA have exhibited at the hotel. This year’s show was also presented at DMY – the young designers’ showcase at Berlin’s DesignMai.

Maciek Wojcicki’s Stair Tamers
Maciek Wojcicki’s Stair Tamers

Gregor Timlin's private cinema
Gregor Timlin's private cinema

Alon Meron's living room on wheels
Alon Meron's living room on wheels

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