Dominic Wilcox for Nike 22.05.08

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words Penelope Shaw

Dominic Wilcox has created a “Cave” out of 13,000 miniature football players to house a pair of shoes, as part of the designer’s collaboration with Nike and the 1/1: Art Of Football competition.

His use of multiple figurines is reminiscent of his previous work, “War Bowl”, which was made of melted plastic soldiers. “In the past I’ve taken small objects to make something much larger,” says Wilcox, “for example with the War Bowl, but with the Cave the pieces are glued together rather than melted.”

It’s also the designer’s comment on team sport. “It has been said many times that a football team is more than the 11 players on the pitch, so I was thinking of creating individual pieces that are more than the sum of their parts; like with football, there’s no individual bigger than the team,” says Wilcox. 

A two-part vacuum mould was used to create the overall silhouette. “I wanted the form to be very controlled on the outside which was difficult using such irregular shapes,” says Wilcox. Inside the Cave are two acrylic plinths for the shoes to sit on; Wilcox has added his own personal touch by etching a map of Sunderland (his hometown) on the left plinth and Newcastle on the right, with their stadiums at the focal point.

The competition is organised by Nike in collaboration with SHOWstudio; Wilcox is one of 11 creative professionals asked to pioneer the project, which invites the public “to celebrate art through football, and football through art”.

The Cave is one of a variety works by Wilcox for Nike; 20 symmetrical blocks made from 8000 figurines are also being displayed in Nike stores around Europe to promote the competition.

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