Michel Brisson boutique 12.01.08

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The dark and minimalist language of Saucier + Perrotte Architectes often enters into dialogue with the past. The Montreal-based firm has completed several commissions involving historic buildings: the School of Architecture at the University of Montreal, the College Gerald-Godin, the new music department of McGill University, and, more recently, the boutique of Quebec fashion designer Michel Brisson.

The 130sq m menswear store, situated in fashionable Old Montreal, is all about flexibility and adaptability. Instead of creating opposition between old and new, principal Gilles Saucier says that he intended to “avoid simple duality by establishing a relation between the past and the present”.

For the interior Saucier + Perrotte created reflective black walls with tinted glass, designed to symbolise infinity. There is a geometric lighting and hanging system attached to a flexible ceiling grid, which can be rearranged to showcase the collection in different ways. The architects also designed a white shelving system on the south wall that can both hide and reveal the back storage room, with units that can be separated and moved along a track. Saucier explains this as “a sort of praise to slowness”.

Photography Marc Cramer

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