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Sweets made using glass-making techniques have been created by French designers Sébastien Cordoleani and Franck Fortana.

The eight different designs include lollipops on twig sticks, tablets cut to look like jewels, and hollow lollipops blown like glass.

“Sugar is similar to glass,” says Fortana. “It becomes precious when you heat it. You can play with the forms – you can mould it, blow it, stamp it. The only difficulty is to acquire a perfect transparency.”

The designers were inspired to start using such techniques when they passed the experimental Papabubble candy shop in Barcelona, where sweets are made in front of customers. “We were fascinated by the beauty of the process,” says Cordoleani. “It looked similar to the making of Murano glass.”

The Bubble lollipop made by blowing molten sugar into a balloon shape – was the hardest to make. “At the moment it’s also a problem to eat because it breaks,” says Cordoleani. The double-headed lollipop was made by using a patterned stamp on the liquid caramel, and the Rock sweet, a sugar cube with a crystal-shaped sweet melted onto it, references the process of “caramel transforming from a piece of sugar,” he says.

The sweets are available in mint, caramel, wood strawberry and violet flavours and will be sold at Papabubble from February.


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