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icon 059 | May 2008

The May icon is something of a feast. The cover stars of the biggest issue of the year so far are a chicken and Dutch “eating designer” Marije Vogelzang. Vogelzang bakes dough with angle-poise lamps, prepares funeral banquets at which all the food is white, and organises tap-water tastings – all to show how food and the social rituals surrounding it can bring people closer together.

Guest editor this month is Daniel Eatock, who has a few alternative routes for the London marathon. If a bracing walk is more your scale, take a windblown stroll around the non-existent town of Ebbsfleet in Kent, where an imaginary landmark is rising in the minds of five artists. The mind of Swiss architect Peter Märkli is more formal, as he steers his profession back towards the rigid rules of proportion and golden section that dominated classical architecture. In News, there’s Zaha Hadid’s Cartier pavilion in Hong Kong, Nendo’s Cabbage chair, Stuart Haygarth’s Barnacle and a chapel by Stan Allen. In Review, MoMA’s excursion into futurism, the Design Museum’s newfound populism, and Jonathan Meades’ journey into the Baltic States come under the microscope.


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