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When three resourceful graphic design students from Lincoln University were trying to think of ways to raise cash for their degree show, they never imagined they’d spark intense competition between some of design’s leading lights. But Lincoln’s Design Auction now has 120 lots from 64 contributors including big names like Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmeister, Neville Brody, Alan Fletcher and Angus Hyland – and more are still coming in.

“We were all sat around the table trying to think of a better way to raise money than selling cakes,” says Matt Mellor, who organised the auction with fellow students Liam Mitchell and Faye Morrow. “So we sent Kate Moross and Jon Burgerman an email asking them if they had any old scraps lying around that we could auction off for a few quid. They both said yes within an hour.”

“We just thought we’d sell it in the kitchen canteen one lunchtime,” Mellor continues. But the project started to snowball when the students presented it as a competition, with posters pitting contributors against each other in the manner of a boxing match. “People are actually contacting us to ask if they can get involved,” says Mellor.

Limited-edition lots such as Si Scott’s poster and a Michael Johnson print are expected to be popular, alongside books, magazines, Adobe software and work experience placements. Icon has also pitched in, with creative director Violetta Boxill contributing a rare copy of icon 001 and a copy of the Manifesto issue.

The auction will be held in the Jackson Lecture Theatre at the University of Lincoln at 2pm on Wednesday 9 April. Graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook will preside.

Advanced bids can be placed on the Design Auction’s site.

image Si Scott
Sold out, limited edition print

image Michael Johnson
Signed, limited edition poster

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