Private Lives 13.02.08

Artist Barnaby Barford has turned his attention to celebrities, nursery rhymes and Disney characters for his latest series of one-off ceramic pieces.

The series, called “Private Lives”, includes scenes of Mickey Mouse running over another rodent (“Imposter”) and a hoodie-wearing yob "happy slapping" Humpty Dumpty (“Stick That on YouTube”).

“‘Private Lives’ is about looking at what these characters might be doing aside from the roles they are known for,” says Barford. “It’s linked to the idea of celebrity culture, but instead of using Posh and Becks or Amy Winehouse, Snow White or Winnie the Pooh are in their place.”

Barford is best known for cutting up, rearranging and repainting ceramic figurines to create grotesque and satirical sculptures. As usual with his work, it’s important to read the titles to get the full witty and sinister effect. “The pieces are snapshots from a scene,” says Barford. “The title gives you a definite insight into what these characters are doing, leaving enough ambiguity for people to think about what happens before or after this moment.”

Private Lives will be shown by David Gill Galleries in London from 11 to 23 March.

above Imposter

Stick That on YouTube

Does Christopher Robin know you’ve got that?

Wait until I get home they're going to go crazy

If my father could see me now


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