Wastberg at Stockholm 13.02.08

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Swedish lighting design company Wästberg was our favourite launch during Stockholm’s design week. Its debut collection included designs by Ilse Crawford, Claesson Koivisto Rune, James Irvine and Jean-Marie Massaud.

The exhibits were displayed at the beautiful Berns hotel, but the manufacturer also showed at the fair itself, where the lights stood on plinths in front of backlights that gradually mutated from one colour to another – the most impressive stand at the fair by a mile.

Inspired in shape and movement by a dentist’s light, the head of Claesson Koivisto Rune’s lamp is lined with a reflective metal so it throws out lots of light despite the modest wattage of its bulb. The arm of Massaud’s lamp is fixed to the base by a magnet – the only actual connection through the lamp is the wires that lead from the light to the plug socket. Ilse Crawford’s task light combines iron, wood, and porcelain to an endearingly clumsy effect.

Wästberg was invented to create ambient everyday lighting, and create an alternative to the “energy-consuming, dull and unnecessary sea of artificial light” we have become accustomed to, says founder Magnus Wästberg.


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