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SMS projector | icon 036 | June 2006

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words Daniel West

An SMS guerrilla projector displayed text messages on to fans and walls at a concert by The Streets at London’s Astoria.

Created by London-based design studio Troika, the hand-held device projected messages written by The Streets singer Mike Skinner.

The battery-powered unit uses an off-the-shelf projector that can project up to 20 metres away. It receives messages from mobile phones and transfers them to the projector, which has been fitted with a camera zoom lens.

Troika tested the prototype in 2004, projecting texts onto street signs and into private homes. “We tried to make the messages thought provoking, like graffiti,” says Troika\'s Conny Freyer.

The device follows Troika\'s Tool For Armchair Activists (icon 034), which relays text messages via public megaphone.

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