Once again, the future is here - at the annual gathering of the global electronics industry.
Architects get playful and run amok in China's precocious, heartless supercity - but how much can they do to overcome its alienating scale.

Photographer Martin Parr turns his deadpan lens on the super-rich and their playgrounds.

The V&A's "digital design sensation" are a fun afternoon and not much else.

Attention to detail from the fastidious Danish-Italian design duo.

Istanbul may be 3,000 years old but it's newer than Los Angeles.

Herzog & de Meuron's Miami car park.

At the end of last year, the Swiss voted to ban the construction of minarets. We asked architects to respond to the move, and suggest designs appropriate to a less tolerant Switzerland.

It used to make everything from microchips to Ninja Turtles. But now that China is the world’s workshop, Taiwan is turning to design.
Masquerading as a stack of firewood, rustic yet modern, movable and built from sustainable material – this log cabin has it all.
Crudo is a tableware collection created by five friends.
Sugru is a new silicone adhesive that has been developed to let people repair and adapt their stuff.
“We worked with a certain degree of ambiguity,” says Adamo Faiden’s Marcelo Faiden, describing the Argentinian practice’s recent apartment conversion in Buenos Aires, Casa Nuñez.
Our new apartment is a collection of furniture produced using laser-sintered plastic and off-the-shelf wood.
The Neue Monte Rosa-Hütte is a destination for only the most dedicated architecture fans.
A city can work as a city and as a symbol. Occasionally it can work as a symbol but not as a city. Brasilia is one such city.