Mahani 02 October 2013

Studio Toogood’s raw-concrete fashion store creates a new look for shopping among the luxury malls of Dubai.

October Diary 2013 01 October 2013

Our highlights for October include Pop Art Design at the Barbican, San Rocco at the Architectural Association, Moscow Design Week, and Soviet avant-garde posters in Japan. 

House K 25 September 2013

Sou Fujimoto places a typically ingenious family house with a dramatic sloping roof on a tricky suburban site. 

Is a life-sized version of Barbie’s house harmless wish-fulfilment or the stuff of nightmares? Agata Pyzik thinks pink …

Created 50 years ago at Stanford, this point-and-click device named after the common rodent was a visionary invention, developed long before the internet even existed. 

Icon Awards 2013 24 September 2013

The second Icon Awards will celebrate the best in architecture and design, with ten categories covering all aspects of the industry. Visit the Awards website to find out more:

Mitate Collection 23 September 2013

Studio Wieki Somers has created a family of lamps inspired by visits to Japanese Samurai houses. 

Feature: Perfect Brute 23 September 2013

Over the past 50 years, São Paulo’s architects have developed a distinctive concrete modernism that is at once monumental and intimate – solid as a fortress, but inviting everybody in. Among the city’s endless skyscrapers, it has resulted in some of the liveliest public spaces on Earth.

Rethink: Aldi 23 September 2013

Could a confident and witty rebrand help to remind the sourdough-obsessed classes of the value of cheap groceries?

Icon 124: Shopping 06 September 2013

September is the biggest month in London’s design calendar and this month we bring you the biggest ever edition of Icon – on Shopping. 6A Architects has designed a flagship store for Paul Smith and Zaha Hadid is moving into retail. We explore Amazon’s gargantuan distribution sheds, talk to Industrial Facility and ask how the British High Street can survive. And the Icon Design Trail brings you the best of LDF. 


Serpentine Pavilion 05 September 2013

Sou Fujimoto’s structure in Kensington Gardens leaves us yearning for more permanent realisations of his utopian architectural vision. 

Review: David Maljkovic 05 September 2013

The Croatian artist’s work flirts with post-socialist melancholia, but moves beyond the usual clichés, says Douglas Murphy.

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