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October Diary

26 September 2013

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Pop Art DesignSan Rocco: Book of CopiesEast-centric Architecture Triennale
Barbican Centre, LondonAA Gallery, LondonBucharest, Romania
22 October 2013 ­– 9 February 20145 October – 2 November 201310–27 October 2013

The Barbican’s Pop Art Design exhibition looks at how everyday life began, in the 1950s, to be influenced by pop culture and the exchange between the disciplines that came to define the consumer mentality of the post-war era. Curator Catherine Ince selected British pieces, such as works by painter Pauline Boty and sculptor Allen Jones. Pop Art Design also features exhibits from Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

San Rocco, the multidisciplinary collective and winner of our Emerging Architect of the Year award (Icon 115), is exhibiting its project Books of Copies, which launched at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale. The books in question are themed by type of building – labyrinths, houses for islands and gas stations in the desert, for example – and act as receptacles of a collective architectural knowledge, each containing black-and-white images that, through the act of copying,“produce architecture”.

The first East-centric Architecture Triennale takes the notion of “Trans(ap)parencies” as its theme. Curator Bogdan Ghiu hopes to explore alternative and interdisciplinary architectural practices and, through a political lens, critique contemporary eastern and central European architecture. The event will also host an awards event organised by the Arhitext Design Foundation, to recognise the most valuable architecture in the region in the past five years.

Mastering Design: Design Academy Eindhoven and RCARuki Matsumoto Collection. Seeking for UtopiaParticipatory City: 100 Urban Trends
Musée de Design et d’Arts AppliquésMOMA (Hayama), JapanGuggenheim Museum, New York
31 October 2013 ­– 9 February 201426 October 2013 – 26 January 201411 October 2013 – 5 January 2014

Because of the Swiss federal authorities’ withdrawal of their sponsorship of the Swiss Federal Design Prizes (presented biennially to Swiss university graduates), this year the MUDAC has decided to invite design schools from outside the country, such as Design Academy Eindhoven and Royal College of Art, to exhibit their students’ work. The organisers hope that experimental and conceptual pieces will allow visitors to experience an “avant-garde in European design production”.

In an attempt to capture and disseminate the energy and spirit of the age, the Soviet Union’s avant-gardists took to posters — in true egalitarian fashion. In Ruki Matsumoto’s collection, which spans from the October Revolution to the 1930s, visitors can expect to see – through the work of Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko, the Stenberg brothers, Nikolai Prusakov and others – to build a new society. Some of the works on display have never been shown in public before.

In an exclusively digital exhibition, the BMW Guggenheim Lab aspires to increase awareness of today’s most important urban challenges. Through previously held presentations and discussions in New York, Berlin and Mumbai, the lab has compiled a number of trending topics, such as “ageing population” and “urban fatigue”, which are illustrated and explained through drawings, sketches, short videos and renderings. Public programmes will run alongside the exhibition, investigating the mechanistic interactions people have with cities and public spaces.

Moscow Design WeekClose, CloserStrange Factories: a live cinema encounter
Artplay Design CentreLisbon, PortugalThe Cinema Museum, London
11–17 OctoberUntil 15 December 201326 October – 9 November 2013

A week-long festival of architecture and design in the Russian capital. This year an international programme of exhibitions and speakers will descend on the Artplay design centre in Moscow. Speakers include French designer Philippe Starck and Italian post-modernist Alessandro Guerriero, founder of Studio Alchimia. Notable exhibitions include a retrospective of Guerriero’s work, De-Evolution by American designer Brad Ascalon and Silent Revolutions – an exhibition of Slovenian design.

For three months in the autumn, Beatrice Galilee and co-curators Liam Young, Mariana Pestana and José Esparza will examine alternative possibilities of architectural output, and ask architects to consider life beyond buildings. This third Lisbon Triennale looks to close the gap between discourse in the architectural profession and the understanding of buildings outside it. In advance of the opening, digital publications authored by the curatorial team that provide research, essays, insight and context to the exhibitions will be made available.

The Cinema Museum will present the theatrical premiere of the feature film Strange Factories this Halloween, produced by FoolishPeople – a group known for its immersive theatre and live cinema, which promises a haunting experience laden with “madness and terror”. The audience has been afforded unprecedented involvement with this project, from its crowd-funded inception on Indiegogo, to the “liberating” alteration of its narrative. Creative director John Harrigan shows an exceptional understanding of modern gaming and the creative autonomy it allows.

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House K

25 September 2013

Sou Fujimoto places a typically ingenious family house with a dramatic sloping roof on a tricky suburban site. 

Is a life-sized version of Barbie’s house harmless wish-fulfilment or the stuff of nightmares? Agata Pyzik thinks pink …

Published in Reviews 2013

Created 50 years ago at Stanford, this point-and-click device named after the common rodent was a visionary invention, developed long before the internet even existed. 

Icon Awards 2013

24 September 2013

The second Icon Awards will celebrate the best in architecture and design, with ten categories covering all aspects of the industry. Visit the Awards website to find out more:

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Mitate Collection

23 September 2013

Studio Wieki Somers has created a family of lamps inspired by visits to Japanese Samurai houses. 

Feature: Perfect Brute

23 September 2013

Over the past 50 years, São Paulo’s architects have developed a distinctive concrete modernism that is at once monumental and intimate – solid as a fortress, but inviting everybody in. Among the city’s endless skyscrapers, it has resulted in some of the liveliest public spaces on Earth.

Rethink: Aldi

23 September 2013

Could a confident and witty rebrand help to remind the sourdough-obsessed classes of the value of cheap groceries?

Icon 124: Shopping

06 September 2013

September is the biggest month in London’s design calendar and this month we bring you the biggest ever edition of Icon – on Shopping. 6A Architects has designed a flagship store for Paul Smith and Zaha Hadid is moving into retail. We explore Amazon’s gargantuan distribution sheds, talk to Industrial Facility and ask how the British High Street can survive. And the Icon Design Trail brings you the best of LDF. 


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Serpentine Pavilion

05 September 2013

Sou Fujimoto’s structure in Kensington Gardens leaves us yearning for more permanent realisations of his utopian architectural vision. 

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