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The Musée du Quai Branly has cast contemporary artists as modern-day shamans working with the forces of disorder. But by displaying artworks next to artefacts from every continent and period of history, the show raises complicated questions about art and ethnography.

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Milan: Front

29 June 2012

The Swedish trio's playful blown-bubble LED shade will explode and reform millions of times over the bulb's life.

A mysterious polka-dotted mound is the only outward sign of an elegant extension to Frankfurt's 19th-century art gallery.

This year in Milan we caught up with French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. As the brothers reflect on 15 years of working together, Erwan explains why age and success haven’t made them complacent. 

The iconic Danish wool-and-viscose fabric was stuffed, boiled, hardened, but above all celebrated by a series of international designers for an eclectic exhibition by producer Kvadrat at this year's Milan Furniture Fair. 

UK-based entrepreneur Doug Richard has launched School for Creative Startups, a programme that gives talented creatives the skills to turn their ideas into a real business.

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Toda House

25 June 2012

Kimihiko Okada’s winding, modernist, hilltop house on stilts towers over its neighbours in a distinctly dull suburb of Hiroshima.

London-based creative agency Rosie Lee has employed straightforward design principles that websites use every day to relieve what is arguably the greatest British headache – travelling by train.

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Community Cooker

20 June 2012

Kenyan architect Jim Archer has turned Nairobi’s rubbish problem into a solution for those who cannot afford fuel to cook with.

Shanghai’s latest super-sized hotel, office, retail, art and theatre complex employs almost as many architectural styles as it has uses.
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