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Tactile Kitchenware

31 October 2011
A cookery class for the visually impaired inspired Neora Zigler’s range of safety-conscious kitchen tools that engage with the user’s sense of touch.

GMP Architekten has placed angular sporting venues amid the gentle Shenzhen landscape to evoke the spirit of a traditional Chinese garden.

An exhibition of miracle votives and lucky charms at London’s Wellcome Collection explores the ways in which humans comfort themselves in the face of chance suffering and the greater unknown.

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Presenze II

19 October 2011

Studio Nucleo’s range of furniture made from transparent cubes of resin is handcrafted but has a distinctly digital aesthetic.

Icon was particularly noticeable at this year’s London Design Festival which coincided with the publication of our 100th issue. To celebrate our centenary we held a party during this major event in the design calendar

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Omishima museum

17 October 2011
The architect Toyo Ito’s gallery for his own work on the Japanese island of Omishima is poignant, mysterious and far from self-aggrandising.

Review: Kenneth Grange

14 October 2011

There's only a couple of weeks left to see the Design Museum's show devoted to Kenneth Grange. According to Owen Hatherley, it's an exhibition that says as much about postwar Britain as it does about the legendary designer.

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Pedro Gadanho

12 October 2011
The Portuguese architect uses bright colours in this refurbished townhouse to highlight his interventions. Just don’t call the results “striking”.

Olive oil factory

11 October 2011

The industrial flavour of Ricardo Bak Gordon’s olive processing plant is tempered by a drizzle of traditional Portuguese design.

Review: Talk to Me

10 October 2011
Talk to Me, MoMA's current exhibition, is a bold display of some 200 interactive-media projects including a Rubik's cube for the blind and a finger implant that can recognise text. Here's our review.
Published in Reviews 2011
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