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Peter Sloterdijk's book argues that the 20th century began with the first military use of poison gas, and spins a fascinating alternate history of modernity.
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June Diary

28 May 2009
June is only around the corner so it's time to start planning. Icon heads to Berlin for the DMY design festival 4-7 June. Meanwhile the Design Museum's Super Contemporary show opens in London and Design/Miami kicks off in Basel.
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Zigzag Windows

27 May 2009
Zigzag Windows cut across the exterior of the Novela House, in the city of Yokosuka, south of Yokohama.
Ancient underground water chambers have been transformed into gallery spaces beneath Plaza del Torico in the 12th-century town of Teruel, north-eastern Spain.
Dark, creepy and mysterious. These aren't the words you would expect to use to describe a new line of prams.

Fussa City Hall

27 May 2009
Fussa City Hall is made up of three tiled edifices rising above an undulating carpet of grass.
"In this globalised world there is a value to being local. A regional focus is very interesting to people," says Muuto co-owner Kristian Byrge in his best PR-speak.
"H is for halt, to stop the buses," explains Michael Obrist, partner of architect Feld72, of the firm's H-framed viewing platform and public square in the rural village of Paasdorf, Lower Austria.
David Chipperfield Architects' 8,000 sq m expansion to the Anchorage Museum in Alaska opens this weekend.
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Galerie Kreo

27 May 2009
Reading can be performance, decoration and cinema, according to a current exhibition at Galerie Kreo in Paris.
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