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DeTank set up a recording studio at Tent London during the London Design Festival. Among the interviewees were Piet Hein Eek, Peter Marigold, Moritz Waldemeyer and Create Berlin.
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Pavilion des Landes

28 September 2008
A barn sits aside a railway track in a picture of rural calm, except that it’s not a barn but a museum of local history designed by Paris-based architect Bruno Mader.
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Review: Metronaps

26 September 2008
For anyone prone to the irresistible sinking of the afternoon slump, help is at hand: a chair that actually encourages you to take a snooze. Beatrice Galilee is caught lying down on the job.
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Creative 30

25 September 2008
Vice magazine has launched its first creative talent competition, Creative 30, in collaboration with Volvo, Yahoo and The Independent. They are hoping to unearth the best UK-based creatives from any discipline.
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Download: Summer Nights

24 September 2008
These are the final two lectures from the Architecture Foundation’s “Summer Nights” series with talks from voonwong&bensonsaw and Dow Jones Architects.
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Eight designers have produced work exploring the qualities of plastic, and its potential for re-use, for an exhibition called “From Now to Eternity” at the Biscuit Building in north London.
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Last weekend Galerie Kreo opened in a bigger gallery space just off St Germain de Pres on Paris’ south bank. To celebrate, 16 new pieces joined the Parisian gallery’s collection.
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Libby Sellers opened the exhibition Beau Sauvage at the Liberty Gallery last night, with new commissions by Daniel Brown, Jens Fager, Max Lamb, Peter Marigold and others.
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Under the Same Roof, OKAY Studio’s exhibition at the Aram Gallery, opened last night, and we went along to see it. Here’s a selection of our highlights.
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The shape of Patrick Fredrikson and Ian Stallard’s new project, the King Bonk chair, is derived from tying up upholstery foam and hacking away at it with a chain saw. The finished piece is executed in fibreglass and lacquered in four metallic shades created by Bentley.
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