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28 August 2008
Who does the world’s biggest microchip manufacturer turn to when it wants to see the future? A company like Intel is in the business of long-term betting, and it can’t afford to get it wrong. So it’s working with some unlikely people in its quest to steer the direction of consumer electronics.
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“Six days before we opened this was a car park,” says Simon Wainwright, Nike’s UK PR, of the new Nike Sportswear store on Bateman Row in Shoreditch. The whitewashed walls and appropriately retro gymnasium-like furniture do a good job of hiding the space’s former use.
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2.5 metres of wire can go a surprisingly long way. For the recent Beefeater Design Challenge in Sweden ten young designers were asked to identify and solve a design problem associated with drinking in a bar.
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Review: Iron Fists

22 August 2008
The tale of how the 20th century’s tyrannies forged their visual identities fascinates William Wiles.
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The humble brick has had a redesign courtesy of Greg Lynn/Form. Blob Wall is a partitioning system built up of large individual “blobs”, rotationally moulded from recyclable plastic.
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20 August 2008
Sausage-bird is an installation by Dutch “eating designer” Marije Vogelzang. Wrapped in knitted wool, the installation looks at first glance like something to cuddle. But start to unravel the wool and free-range pork and beef sausage meat is revealed for the viewer to nibble away at.
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19 August 2008
Two years from launch, “Plebsville” has survived the flood of online social-networking. Based on the premise of Lee McCormack’s book, “Designers are Wankers”, the site offers a mix of web 2.0 features for design graduates.
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Villa Alta

18 August 2008
“I wanted it to look like a house made by a kid,” muses architect Johannes Norlander of the Villa Alta. “A kid who was kind of, ‘Fuck the context.’ You know?” This was a particularly maverick approach, given that the context was a very quiet and reserved suburb a few miles outside of Stockholm.
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Bucky’s far-reaching vision was merely a starting point for a whole new universe, finds Joseph Grima.
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To celebrate its 110th anniversary, luggage manufacturer Globetrotter has commissioned Ross Lovegrove to inject the brand with a 21st-century aesthetic. The result is a softly curved, plain black suitcase that is claimed to be the world’s lightest, weighing only 1.4kg.
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