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Review: Hatch

31 October 2008
Most years I’m asked to write a piece on up-and-coming young architects for the dead period between Christmas and New Year, “ones to look out for”.
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There are few places in the world where you can exchange thoughts on creativity in the workplace with a tea trolley dancer, a freelance educational consultant and a carpenter. But at the School of Life you can, under the watchful eye of teacher of creative thinking Roman Krznaric.
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Fernando Brizio

30 October 2008
Fernando Brizio is meticulously inserting coloured felt-tip pens, nib down, into a white dress fitted with little pockets for that very purpose. The ink is bleeding into the fabric in a rhythmic sequence of splodges.

Junya Ishigami

30 October 2008

“Some days it hails in the middle of a sunny day. They are surprising, but such days occur, and they are part of nature. I would like the things I create to have something of that combination of reality and surprise.”

“Is it a hill, is it a mountain or is it a building?” Dominique Perrault has asked of his campus complex for Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea.


30 October 2008
The urge to Frisbee is far older than the Frisbee itself. The ancient Greeks were throwing the discus for sport in the fifth century BC. There appear to be some flying discs, one of which is stuck on a roof, in Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s 1560 painting Children’s Games.

There’s a travel guide that begins its entry on London’s Southbank Centre with the following warning: “It is made up of a number of rather ugly buildings.”

Hungry City

30 October 2008
An exposé of industrialised food puts Edwin Heathcote right off his twizzlers.


30 October 2008
This device nearly ended my relationship. Of course, it wasn’t the Jawbone’s fault that I chose a rendezvous with my girlfriend to give it a trial run, or that she was standing outside the wrong door furiously calling me, or that I had it in my pocket oblivious to the fact that you have to have it in your ear to hear your phone ring.

Far From Equilibrium

30 October 2008
Sanford Kwinter’s meaty tome on modernity and technology leaves Daniel Miller ready for a good fight.
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